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Our Christmas Traditions

When you think about Christmas as a kid what do you remember the most about growing up? I am not sure about you but I LOVED the traditions. I can’t wait for the day my kids are old and grey and reminiscing on the traditions we did when they were younger, hopefully passing some of them down onto THEIR kids.

If you need any ideas I have included below the special ones we do every year or have just stared now that Eli is old enough to understand what Christmas is all about.

Christmas Eve Box

A special box full of goodies to open on Christmas Eve. Included in our boxes this year for the boys was

  • A book/Christmas movie to read/watch Christmas Eve.
  • A new set of Christmas pj’s to wear that night and while opening presents Christmas morning
  • A special Christmas mug to have a baby cino Christmas morning/Eve
  • A jar of popcorn to eat while watching the Christmas movie
  • Santa’s magic key so he can get into our house and leave presents Christmas morning
  • A special ornament for the tree (by the time they leave home they will each have a special set of ornaments for their own trees)

Treats for Santa and the reindeer

This ones an obvious one. On christmas eve we leave milk and cookies for Santa, a treat for the reindeer and the magic key for Santa on our door step.


It is so incredibly important to me that my boys understand Christmas isn’t just about receiving presents but giving to those in need also. This year Eli and I talked a lot about how some kids aren’t as fortunate as him and his baby brother. This year we decided to participate in Operation Christmas Child where we put together a box filled with things for a little boy Elis age (2). We followed the guide: something to wear, something for school, something special, item for personal hygiene, something to play with, something to learn.

Elf on the Shelf

This is a new one we are introducing this year now that Eli is a bit older and can understand. For those of you who don’t know the magical Elf helps Santa manage his naughty and nice lists by taking note and reporting back to Santa at the North Pole each night. Each morning, the Elf returns to its family and perches in a new spot, waiting for someone to spot them. The children love to wake up and race around the house looking for the Elf each morning.

Christmas Movies

In the month leading up to Christmas we watch a new Christmas movie every few days leading up to Christmas Eve where we always watch the grinch.

Baking Christmas cookies

Each year in the month of December we bake Christmas cookies

Visit Santa for a photo

Every year we visit Santa in the mall, tell him what we want for Christmas and get a professional photo taken on his lap. These are the pictures we got last year and the year before.

I hope this gave you some inspiration of traditions you could start. Leave in the comments below what traditions you do with your kids or your favourite ones from your childhood.

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