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Activities for toddlers with things you probably have lying around the house

This cupboard gets a work out in our home and when Leo came along I knew I needed to fill it with lots of things that would not only entertain Eli while I was feeding but also help him work his fine motor skills now that he was no longer at childcare. You don’t need to spend a bomb when it comes to creating a craft corner, a lot of things in ours are are from Kmart or nature from out in the garden/our local beach. Most mornings Eli will pick out a jar and decide what he wants to play with, I will usually create some kind of activity based on whatever he has shown interest in. His go to’s are playdoh and paint.

Glueing with home made nature glitter

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Nature Glitter
  • Anything else you want to glue down (This week Eli picked the pom pom jar)










Making nature glitter is its own activity in itself. Eli and I enjoy hunting around the garden for leaves, flowers, gum nuts and anything else we decide will be fun for glueing. We also like to add sparkles and little bits and pieces from our craft jars to make the nature glitter pop.

Coloured Rice

You will need:

  • White rice
  • Food colouring
  • Half a teaspoon of vinegar (this makes the colouring not transfer onto your hands)
  • Container with a lid

Colouring the rice

  1. Pour a cup of white rice into your chosen container
  2. Squirt on a few blobs of your food colouring depending on how vibrant you want your rice to be
  3. Drizzle over your 1/2 a teaspoon of vinegar
  4. Pop the lid on and shake what ya mama gave ya
  5. leave out to dry on paper towel on a plate
  6. continue steps 1-5 for each colour

This is a great sensory activity for all ages. Eli loves to transfer the rice into different bowls with spoons and other utensils and even Leo loves the feel of the rice in his hands.

Colour matching with Bunnings paint samples

You will need:

  • Colour sample pages from Bunnings (You will need 2 of each sheet)
  • Wooden pegs

Cut out colours from one sheet and glue them onto the ends of your pegs. Have your child try to match the colours by pairing up the correct shades.

Pasta Necklaces

You will need:

  • Pasta from your pantry (We keep some aside especially for craft use)
  • Some String

This activity is great for fine motor skills.

Water play

This one is soooo easy but gets pretty messy so if you can, do it outside.

I just give Eli a few cups and fill some with water (sometimes i add food colouring) He loves to poor them from one cup to another. This surprisingly keeps him occupied for quite some time. At least until I have had my morning coffee anyway.

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