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    I was honoured in sharing a lovely night down by the beach snapping some shots of this darling family Michaela, Kain and Ollie whilst they await the arrival of baby Aria in a few short weeks.

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    My baby boy had his 2 front teeth removed

    I am writing this post purely because when I was told my toddler was going to have his front teeth removed at just 2 years old I googled my life away for days trying to find other people who had been in my situation. I googled paediatric partial-dentures (yes I feel ridiculous about this now) and literally thought the world was ending. I needed someone who had been in that situation that could tell me it was all going to be okay.

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    Leo’s First Birthday Party

    Last Sunday was so bitter sweet as we watched our baby boy be showered with love at his first birthday party. When thinking of a theme, I wanted something colourful and fun (which is so unlike me – Im usually a white and grey kinda gal) so we decided a carnival party was the way to go. For food we went with a yummy grazing table, dressed up with fun animals in costumes I wanted to create a special space for the kids to sit and play together. I covered our kids table in paper and left out pencils so they could do some drawings if they wanted to. On…

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    Our Christmas Traditions

    When you think about Christmas as a kid what do you remember the most about growing up? I am not sure about you but I LOVED the traditions. I can’t wait for the day my kids are old and grey and reminiscing on the traditions we did when they were younger, hopefully passing some of them down onto THEIR kids. If you need any ideas I have included below the special ones we do every year or have just stared now that Eli is old enough to understand what Christmas is all about.

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    Activities for toddlers with things you probably have lying around the house

    This cupboard gets a work out in our home and when Leo came along I knew I needed to fill it with lots of things that would not only entertain Eli while I was feeding but also help him work his fine motor skills now that he was no longer at childcare. You don’t need to spend a bomb when it comes to creating a craft corner, a lot of things in ours are are from Kmart or nature from out in the garden/our local beach. Most mornings Eli will pick out a jar and decide what he wants to play with, I will usually create some kind of activity…

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    When three became four

    ‘The surgery went pretty breezy, 30 minutes and he was out. Although I could see everything they were doing in the reflection of the light above my head. Que wheeziness -blood.. so much blood.’

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    Yummy chocolate chip lactation cookies in 10 easy steps

    I’m not sure about you but I am one of those people who would much prefer to make something if I think I can than spend my hard earned dollars on it. After the crazy birth with Eli by body was under so much stress that I struggled to get any milk supply having to stop breast feeding at just 3 months. The second time around I was so determined to make it work. After spending a bomb buying new boxes of lactation cookies weekly I thought to myself why don’t I try and make them myself for a fraction of the price. After speaking with a lovely mama I…

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    The rocky start of my journey meeting baby Eli

    ‘I feel kind of ripped off to say the least. I can’t remember my first feeling of seeing my baby for the first time, I don’t remember the first time he laid on my chest, the first time I breastfed him or even the first few days of his life. In hindsight maybe it was lucky that I had no recollection of the first 2 weeks of life post birth, because then maybe I wouldn’t have gone a second time around and had Leo.’